A word from our founders.

We love to create. We love to travel and discover. We love to explore cultures through their designs and textiles. We love to find new things that excite us – and to share them with you.

Ragyard is a small family business based in north London. We’re a unisex brand and we pride ourselves on inclusivity and authenticity. We grew from a love of travelling: making new friends in far-flung places, scouring rag yards and vintage markets for the best pieces and finding ways to make one-of-a-kind, handmade designs here in our hometown.

Sourcing vintage pieces – making new out of old – reduces waste and gives us unique ways to express ourselves. We’re as excited about sustainability and having a positive impact as we are about ­finding new experiences and inspiration. Join us in making the world a better, brighter place!

 Why we exist.

“We believe that creativity and people come before profit.”

Starting out as market traders, we are not uneasy about making money. However, we plan to do it ethically and tastefully as our core brand value is to put people before profit, but we also promise to have a massive amount of fun along the way.

“Kindness is the coolest thing.” - Nick Starsmore

What we do.

 Our mission is to reset the standard by becoming company-focussed on product creativity, individuality, true sustainability and people.

How we do it.

 We scour the Earth’s ragyards for the most interesting and unique items of clothing, looking to turn them inside-out, upside-down and back-to-front. We then bring it all back to England where our talented design team reimagine and recycle it all and prepare it for our stores and retail partners.

Ethical and sustainable.

We choose to produce locally not cheaply and always promote buying less, but buying better whenever we can. We recycle, reuse and reclaim at all costs. We hate waste and we love re-using everything. It’s in our DNA.

Our company plants trees for every employee’s birthday. Of course, we also eat cake, but we envisage the future of our company being one that truly pioneers a new way to do business in the fashion world. One of honesty, integrity and fun.