At Ragyard, we have 4 main collections that make us who we are. Vintage, Reworked, Ragyard Collections and Finds.
From the beginning, we have wanted to bring high quality garments to you in the most ethical and responsible way.
We have always been passionate about making clothes that do not harm our beautiful planet and the people in it, focusing on reworking vintage and preloved garments.  
We use paper packaging whihc has environmentally friendly composition and is 100% recyclable and FSC certified.
We use 100% recycled cardboard hangers throughout Ragyard, from the office to the stores.
We use 100% organic cotton for our t-shirts and a mix of this and recycled poly for our hoods and sweats.
This is responsibly sourced from organic farms, free from toxic chemicals and a huge focus on fair treatement for workers!
The company we use is also PETA certified.


Reworked items make up a large part of our collections. We are constantly saving vintage gems from landfill and giving them a second life as something completely new! Taking these pieces on a new adventure and giving you a garment with history and meaning is important to us.
We love seeing you rework your own Ragyard garments too! Increasing longevity of our clothes is vital in helping the planet.


Vintage pieces make up a big section of our stores in Brighton and London and a huge piece of our heart. Recycling clothes and being able to rewear and resuse is our entire ethos. Ragyard by name Ragyard by nature!


These collections are designed and made by us!

Every year, an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste are generated globally, and over 4 million tons end up in landfill across Europe.  We use recycled polyester and organic cotton for our sweats and hoods, which helps to reduce this waste.

We use 100% organic cotton for our t-shirts, a natural material sourced from organic farms and free from toxic chemicals. This process also uses 91% less water than conventional cotton farming and is fully biodegradable and can to be recycled, repurposed or decomposed.

Six billion plastic hangers end up in landfill every year, NOT OURS! We use 100% recycled cardboard hangers throughout Ragyard, from the office to the stores!


Quite simply, Finds are the beautfiul and interesting treasures we find on our travels around the globe! Trims, patches, brooches, candles, bags, posters, notebooks, trinkets big and small. We love finding the most unusual things and bringing them to our stores.