Home is where the heart is

Home is expression. 

Home is where you feel love and comfort.

Amsterdam based company Kitsch Kitchen is homeware that speaks to us. 

It tells the person you’ve invited in that;

I have been here and there and seen some good stuff

I find silly things funny

I can be bold when I choose

I want you be comfy on my couch

I want you to reeeally enjoy the cup of tea I’ve made you

I want the fish to make you giggle but also make you realise how cute fish are.

Candles can be dreamy and beautiful but they can also be fish, and that’s great

Our hearts are weird and amazing and should be displayed in our homes as well as caged inside our chest

See my heart, it’s your heart

Love conquers all

Love is in my house and I share it with you.

If you aren’t getting these message from your choice in homeware….then I don’t know what to tell you…maybe you should check out our homeware section!

Kitsch Kitchen (since 1994) originated from the love for traveling and inspired by the joyful spirit of Guatemala and Mexico, bringing the colourful households from far away to The Netherlands.