Bowie and the Kimono

Copyright: Gijsbert Hankeroot

Bowie & The kimono

Let’s celebrate a few of our favourite things at Ragyard that tie beautifully together, much like the waist band of a kimono! 

David bowie, Aladdin Sane, Ziggy Stardust, every creation as wonderful as the last and one of our biggest inspirations at Ragyard HQ! 

As an artist, Bowie spoke to those who craved or at least wanted a peek into an exotic, non conformist way of life. We are lucky to have so many images of him on stage in his collaborations with artists and designers, in particular his love affair with all things Japanese and the Kimono. 

A particular iconic look was the silk kimono cape which had his name spelt out phonetically all over it, which also translated to “fiery vomiting and venting in a menacing manner”!

Maybe it was the way the kimono could signify something artistic, fashionable, alluring and liberating! (Definitive Ragyard Values!) 

They are a canvas on which to exhibit works of art… and the embroideries are unbelievable. Early kimonos embroidered with elaborate and theatrical garden scenes, mountains, musical instruments, birds, insects and skulls are all elements of what have inspired many reworked pieces for Ragyard. 

Swirling around in a loose silk cape with beautifully crafted prints, how could it not be a staple wardrobe item for the free spirited? The 1960’s and 70’s saw bohemian artists and musicians wearing embroidered and velvet kimonos, probably with very little underneath….a giant leap in attitude from the decades earlier who would covet a kimono to cover up their bodies!

Our shops are fortunate enough to often welcome artists and performers all of whom we want to robe in “something fabulous” and timeless. The movement, swish of voluminous fabrics or tickle of fringing brings out the performer in all of us. (Movement in fabrics and trims is a recurring RAGYARD theme and one that we will always bring back to our reworked as much as possible).

The kimono lends itself to a graceful stretch, a carefree dance, a spin on your toes with your arms in the air. They take us out of the mundane and offer a moment of artistic expression.

Let us send you into this world as we bring you colourful and expressive vintage kimonos, for that special occasion, on the beach, on stage or simply at home feeling fabulous. It really is the most inclusive of all garments; one fit, and eternally stylish. The word simply means ’a thing to wear’ and we fall in love with the 'thing' every time.